A Day of Rememberance

May 5, 2011
By , Burbank, CA
Sirens fill the streets outside the skyscraper

People run from block to block

Ash is filling their lungs with the warm gray air

Many of them are searching to find out what to do

Yellow suited men are seen running in the flaming building behind the cloud of smoke guarding the entrance

Police tell people to get away

Many of them do

Some stay waiting to see if someone they know have survived

A loud crunch of thunder shatters the chaos

The building deteriorates down to the ground

Pieces of arms and legs are flying to the ground

People are running frantically for their lives now

The black smoke chases after them and they are lost

Silence falls upon the city

Rescuers come searching the next day when the smoke has cleared

People are hiding in building still

Some had come out to look at the destruction

Come out, come out little one

Come out of the shadows

Let me see your face

The little one came out from the shadows

Her face was dark and dreary

Covered with scratches

Covered with dirt

Half her oily hairline was singed and fried

As if someone had out a torch to her head

That was when I realized she was all alone

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