Four letter word

May 4, 2011
Love is just a word. Something we grew up hearing about, just something we learned. Its’ everywhere so over played. A word broad casted and constantly placed on display. Love is an ordinary word with a simple definition. Love is a word that is given harsh criticisms and ironically enormous recognition. Just go to the dictionary and look for the meaning.
You’ll find an intense emotion of affection, warmth, fondness towards a person or thing. I always just saw it as a four letter word. If it was meant to be this extravagant thing why it is so commonly said, and so easily heard? Truth is everyone at first sees love so magically. Then they get their heart broken and they turn into me. Until they find someone to fill that word and give it meaning every day. Their perception of the word changes in a weird kind of way.
No longer is it a simple definition. All the criticism in the world does not mean a thing, you just care about the recognition. The kisses, and the hugs become everything you think about, and everything in your mind you see. You go from heartbroken to me. You take an ordinary four letter word so generic such as love. You take it to heart and give it a whole another meaning you move from ground zero to the heavens above.

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