One side to the other

May 4, 2011
I constantly have to remind myself things have to get worse before they get better. But my days are much like the weather. My days are unpredictable and most things are out of the blue. Just like you. You have brought this confusion and pain into my life. But you also gave me the ability to fill a dark room with light. There are always the pros and cons. There are always those rights and those wrongs. You toss me back and forth from one side to another. When the sun shines your gone when the rain pours you’re my cover. I just wish you could be one or the other. Choose whether you wish to only cause pain or only enrich me with happiness. Because bouncing back and forth leaves me with a hit and a miss. Hopefully its true things have to get worse before they better. Maybe one day we’ll be able to predict our weather.

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