April 14, 2011
Life is just the game
That you have to play
You may be old
Or you may be young
But you have a lot of fun
You have dreams
And you may have some ups and downs
You may have trouble with school
Or you may even be grounded from the x-box
But the truth is
You have to learn from your mistakes
To become a better person
To learn right from wrong
One day you will be happy
That you have your friends
And your family
Life can be horrible
And awsome all at the same time
You just have to play the game till it ends.
Life is the game
You sometimes don't want to play
But you have to
You may not have a choice now
But wait and you'll find out
Its your life
And you can choose what to do with it
Your life is what you want it to be!

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