Life Less Frightening

April 14, 2011
By Rawrz55 SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Rawrz55 SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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Penetrating eyes which cease to stop,
Judgmental frowns presuming righteous thought.
Time stopping, the grains in the hour glass become heavier.
Pulses beating, corroding, the heart, and the brain search for the thought that it cannot.
The gazes become slower, agitated
Sweat trickles down the neck
Secrets must be kept.

The blood hits the Earth; it goes back to its Mother.
The Provider.
The Deceiver.
The Liar.
Promises unkempt, the garden overflows with weeds and insects.
The heart shaped locket, lost forever in that jungle.

Nothing is sane anymore.
The blood flows at a lethargic beat.
Blood spills from the mouth,
The heart is wounded.
An unforgettable token.
The garden manifests,
Weeds die,
Birds fly,
Flowers sprung like rabbits.
The stench kicks in, decay is in the air.
Life is now more agreeable than ever.

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