She Screams

May 27, 2011
By iWantSuccess BRONZE, Winterville, Georgia
iWantSuccess BRONZE, Winterville, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"I have a weakness for sweet talkers but i’m learning and enforcing my boundaries. i don’t let many people in, but once they’re in they’re there forever. i’m strong and independent and i’ve been broken, but never shattered."

She Screams…
She tries to talk but no one will listen.
They pretend to care but they really don’t.
They say things will ok but don’t bother to find out what’s wrong.
She Screams…
All of the people that she once trusted show that they really can’t be.
They tell her they love her but they end up hurting her.
They say they will be there for her
But when she needs them they are nowhere to be found.
She Screams…
She tries to think of others before herself
But they put themselves above her.
She cares for people too much but they don’t care back.
They leave her when they say they love her
So she puts a wall up and tries not to let anyone in.
She Screams…
She feels that she is alone in this huge world and no one is there for her.
She wants to be loved but she can’t find her way.
She Screams…
But no sound comes out.
No one can hear her.
No one knows how bad she feels.
She Screams…
There is still no noise.
Tears run from her eyes and she can’t control them.
There is nothing she can do.
She Screams…
But when she sees no one cares she breaks down.
She cries and cries until there are no more tears in her eyes.
No more to be released into the hard reality and evil world.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was going through a very emotional time in my life. I felt as though no one cared about me and that I was alone.

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