Prancing on Death’s Departure

May 27, 2011
Little glimmer prancing around my room,
A little crystal ball topped with gold leaves.
A petite pineapple hanging from a gold chain,
Nothing special in the eyes a young one.

The light still shined on it all those years,
Though, it was never as bright then.
Little particles of dust sat upon it,
Hindered its spectrum of coloring lights.

My family, my four cousins and their parents,
They took a trip to Hawaii one year.
I was shown this crystal,
And the flecks of color it left on the walls.

It was forever mine to have and wear,
This meaningless necklace I adored.
But days turned to years,
Little necklace dangling on a chain became more than just.

My uncle handed this necklace to me,

I was only knee high way back then.
Time passed by and before I knew it,
I was taller than he was there in front of me.

That was the day I moved the necklace,
I laid it next to the photograph of my grandparents.
Again gathering dust across the white table,
I remember when it was brand new.

Blowing the dust off the golden top one day,
I laid it across my chest and clipped the back.
It laid there useless long enough,
I wore it in honor, as he would have wanted.

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