Jigg, Willy, and Elmer Outwit the Wolf

May 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Jiggs and Willy failed to construct houses-
that could withstand the big bad wolf.
Now the 2 disappointed,
and embarrassed pigs were forced to go to their brother-
Elmer’s sturdy house of bricks.
They may have laughed-
at Elmer before

for taking so much time to build his house,
but now it is their safe haven.
Willy noticed the Wolf approaching in from the forest,
breathing heavily, on the cool fall day.

Those 3 little pigs think they’re so smart

to hide from me-
in that brick house.
Little do they know that that I have the strength to-
blow that entire house down,
and eat those delicious frightened pigs.
I can't wait to see them quiver like leaves in the wind.

The 3 pigs stood confidently in the window.
The wolf huffed and puffed and blew-
with his entire breath!
Nothing happened.
He tried again and again and again

until he became extremely exhausted.
The pigs laughed at him from the window.
The wolf got a clever idea

to go into the house through the chimney.
The pigs knew what he was up to
and scurried to start up the chimney fire.
The wolf stomped on-
some newly planted flowers on his way to the chimney.
He slipped and slid down the chimney.
The smell of smoke began to ascend up the chimney and

the wolf fell to his death

and the 3 bold and brave little pigs,
celebrated with a freshly cooked new meal.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by fairly tail drawing that we drew in class. Therefore, this is a fairy tail poem.

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