Told Again

May 14, 2011
By Lanarus BRONZE, Albany, Georgia
Lanarus BRONZE, Albany, Georgia
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Burned in an angry rage of despair They flee from love..Trapped in a dark room of brutal sin..There's freedom from this trap..But only one release..Hesitation overcomes their bodies..Scared they walk away from love..Only to be pulled back into it..Love ends again once more they descend..So now again they are trapped Wanting out they try again..But it doesn't work so tear after tear they've been hurt.."No More" they say..They crave freedom from the painful stage..Just doesn't work for them, its always continuous never stopping..One way out but many to do it..Take a look, a gander at them now..Breathless, motionless, less than what they were before its the repeated story told again and again time over and time under..crazed madness had been the the trial, judge, nothing in a form of realty..but mentally there were components..the murderer..the victim..the sentence, everlasting slumber..and me yea one day it'll be my turn to feel what they felt to many times over again..wen its told again..

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