975 miles away

May 19, 2011
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975 miles away,
about fifteen hours and twelve minutes I’d say.
It feels like she’s across the world, in Pompeii.
The only thing that would relieve the dismay,
would be the sound from her voice, “I’m here to stay.”

When my best friend was here,
she was by my side, never fear,
someone forced me to always think clear,
she held me tight when I shed a tear.
It’s hard to feel cheer when her smiles not near.

I could go on and on about the things that I miss,
Our last summer together was nothing, but bliss.
There are so many times I like to reminisce,
The night of our ride in the carriage, like a princess.

She is the type of person people dream to be like.
She will blow you away if you hand her a mic.
If you’re going to be rude, she’ll suggest you go take a hike.
She’s friends with everyone, I’m sure she knows ten different Mikes.

There is no one like her that will ever compare.
She is so good, she cuts her own hair!
Her face not a bump or a flaw, so unfair.
A friend as understanding as her is so mighty rare.
“Please bring my best friend home”, I say in prayer.

The visits I’ll treasure and hope never end.
If I could, I would go every single weekend.
I have her back and I’ll always defend.
It’s my school, not Cuthbertson she should attend.
For now calls, letters, and texts we will send.
Emily, our friendship will never descend.
975 miles away, my best friend.

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