May 26, 2011
I look into the mirror and see nothing there,
And as i stare deeper into it it makes me wonder am i the girl I'm suppose to be?
Or am i the girl that I'm trying to be but i can because I'm me?
As i think of answers to the questions blank thoughts come to the mind,
I try to vision my past, future, and present but it doesn't come clear,
SometI'mes i think is this the life fore me or is this the life i wanted it to be?
Did i make my life what i wanted it to become?
Or did it become something i didn't want at all?
Did i make the good and bad decisions or did i let the good and bad decisions make me?
SometI'mes i wonder if i was put on this earth to be put through the hurt and pain that i been in?
Or have i been put through hurt and pain to be put on this earth?

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