Luna she is.

May 14, 2011
High is the full moon
yet so close it seems
It is, power it is
It fuels me, makes me
pulsing with life
Taking over my mind,
My soul, my heart

and my body
Luna, she is

and I her slave
Master and owner she is

and I, hers I am

Growl she says

Growl, i do.
Run, kill feed
Blood, food, bones
Eat, I do.
Kill, I do.

No control, no shred of humanity
My soul, I have, oh I have

darkened and black
Evil has come

taken her boon

I am still, sharp teeth

colored red.

Red of pain, misery

Red over the white
no longer innocent
No longer kind

Red of a fresh kill


I stand sill

humanity lost
My fur on end

mind of blood-lust
I stand still

Cursing at the new moon
That's never close enough to touch.

Desire rise
blood calls
a sinful, sensuous siren
It's madness
filled with great sadness

I stand still cursing

the untouchable moon

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