June 2, 2011
When it happens its terrifying

The one thing that is always real...Disappears

Its struggling for air

Trying to surface

But that look from you...

The tension

Everything depends on what happens next

I look to my hands

They wont give me the answer

I worry about everything

And nothing in the same few seconds

An eyebrow raises


Oh yes...

I'm supposed to....answer

So....when in doubt *smile*

Its all I can do

Nothing more describes the thought I have seemed to loose

With my hands in my lap

And my emotions locked away

I can promise you one thing

I won't ever stay

My cheeks stain red

What in the world to say!

You won't save me this time...

And its worse than death

With nothing to hold on to its...like...being....alone

But your much too close


Its all I'm made of

It scares me

Once you cannot speak

Your nothing.

You make me nothing




And I love it :)

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