Forget to Remember

May 26, 2011
By StephM17 BRONZE, St.Lawrence, Other
StephM17 BRONZE, St.Lawrence, Other
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One by one, year by year
We forget about woeful tears
we forget the fighting, forget the loss
all we fought for, and what it cost
Savage humanity, our evil side
slithers back into darkness, behind the blind
blissful ignorance, evil creeps away
waiting for tomented souls on which to prey
Past devils and mistreated lives
aldolf hitler on the rise
World wars, have we forgotten them too?
become bedtime stories, fairy tales anew
Stupid humanity, tainted minds
trapped within malicious lies
we forget to remember, they shall return
wreaking havoc, round every turn

There is no hope for those who Forget to Remember

The author's comments:
In school we are reading 'Night' and as we were discussing the Holocaust in class, the subject came p about people that don't believe that it actually happened. i was completely appalled by this, we should never forget, nor refuse to see the truth.

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