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Storm Chasers

Time goes on and on
We manage to stay the same
Through ups and downs
We get stronger
We keep moving forward
Life may try and break us
But you taught me to be stronger than the world
When the black horizon is straight ahead
Or lightning striking
And there is no going back
You taught me to see only light
You say
Care for others
Love and respect God
Never leave the weak behind
There's always room for one more
You taught me all this and more
I can never repay you
Beyond remembering what you've taught me
As the years go by
The hardships we've faced are stuff of
Horror stories
I have no way to voice what you mean to me
You are my teacher
My sister in life
My best friend
I know that you will always be here
And when I look at that black horizon
I close my eyes
I think of you and the light shines through
You are my light
My heart
You give me strength when I feel weak
We butt heads
And dark clouds roll in
We say things we don't mean
And life goes into a down pour
While the storm rages
We remain stubborn
The light breaks through when we see we are wrong
Life sends us
Cyclones and hurricanes
That ripe away our life
But we are storm chasers
We say “Bring it on!”
So through black skies and raging storms
We stand together
As Mother and Daughter

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