To Kill a Mockingbird poem

May 25, 2011
By Christian Lim/Senteno BRONZE, San Diego, California
Christian Lim/Senteno BRONZE, San Diego, California
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When you start out as a kid you never see the evil in life.
You see flowers, sunshine, and rainbows but the truth is life is hell.
You start to lose innocence and eventually grow up
When you’re a kid all you cared about was your toys
But now those toys are in a chest collecting dust
Growing up sucks, so live your childhood life to the fullest
Because once you grow up all you see is pain, misery, and stress
But you will never forget the times in the playground
First you thought of everyone of being nice and true
But as you grow up that idea just became a dream
And you find that people and just filled with greed and are mean
Looking back at first what you thought in the beginning was a joke
Because once you hit reality it was just the total opposite.

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