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May 25, 2011
By jesse bonilla BRONZE, San Diego, California
jesse bonilla BRONZE, San Diego, California
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like a craftsman you acted
a player a father and a man
so deep to find the right stage
like the poem that is lost in the sand

you don’t know exactly what to feel

point your finger to our salvation now
bring us all down all down to your feet
just to elevate you and take away your crown

so high take me all 2 classes higher
my back cannot be turned now
so I can feel you tighter
smile laugh and make no frown

teach me to feel love and compassion
feel all or nothing this is my reason
give me the structures of this so called fashion
a big step with hate or treason

to seek equality with the eyes of love
not to tremble with the eyes of fear
to see all of us as one
and catch the cold ugly steel

the gates have been open my friend
invite us as we come in
the magic in between our scent
allows us to be seen

curious shall we state
imploring the birds to sing
one more time to find flames
with that old familiar sting

bring it all up stir them up
to take the remains and protect them
the most graceful person that can reach the top
come back running and show us each step

to take it all the way in
and climb those 3 steps
to be someone bigger and fit
so much more respect for the pets

nobody can deny you a little piece of the divine
you’re the one who illuminated
the precious gift that was passed on to me that little shinning light
tell them their pillar of faith has ascended

you have the right to shake your fists at the gates yelling
“fetch me the spirit the son and the father
Its time now my time now please let me have my wings
So I can fly high up above the mighty sun “

The author's comments:
poem i did for my english class about the to kill a mocking bird book

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