The Red

May 25, 2011
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Hello is anyone out there?
No Response.
All I hear is the heavy breathing coming from myself. Hello? I ask again as I look around trying to adjust my eyes. I was alone in the dark; I was in the dark and all alone. At that moment the very thought enveloped all my fear. It gave me a fiercely painful sensation in the pit of my stomach; you know the one you get when you’re lost in a park at night. The chilling environment set in and made the hair on my arms rise. But the worst was yet to come.
As I felt around trying to be somewhat cautious for the simple fact that I had no idea where the hell I was, I began to hear shuffling followed by what sounded like snickering almost. Then there was silence. After a few seconds of what seemed like an eternity my heavy breathing was replaced with screams as a man emerged from the darkness. For the last thing I remember was the color RED…

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