Do not fear old man

May 25, 2011
By Haejin Park BRONZE, Jericho, New York
Haejin Park BRONZE, Jericho, New York
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I approached the man lying in bed.
He did not object but merely stayed.
His eyes moved lazily and his breathing was slow.
On his windows was a vase with red bright roses.
As I walked towards them, they shriveled into an ugly brown.

I pulled my dark black hood down to look at his face.
He was tired and very old indeed.
His face was trickling red with blood,
His face mangled and bruised.
The old man must have been in a car crash,
He will not survive.
I know he can not survive.

I stood next to the old man’s bed.
The man shivered slightly from my cold presence.
He did not fear me but what I would do.
“Do not fear old man, I won’t hurt you.”
He has reached an age of weariness, and age of weakness.
He helped many as many helped him.
He has accomplished many goals, and failed several too.
“Do not fear old man, I won’t hurt you.
I, Death, shall save you.”

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