Sip of Tea for Mary

May 25, 2011
By , Springfield, PA
The magnolia floated in her tea
she took a sip
prepared herself to set sail for sea
a book of hymns and a compass
all she possessed

She finds
The robin in the tree out back
has destroyed its nest
Her braided hair
slinks down her back
Never had a haircut since birth
as she grasps her seat
her bones twist as she cracks

She has no name
Born into a world of unknowns
anonymity the gift
niceties make people groan
Holding doors and saying please
thrown out the window
a lesson never learned
because mother said so

When she grows close to death
She'll see the follies in her ways
A lifetime of mischief and selfishness
No illusion of friends, alone she'll spend her days
Lying in lace covered bedding

Heart beats one last time
Wilted wrist reaches out
One last sip of life she pleads
The magnolia floats in the tea
as it grows cold

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