May 25, 2011
I don’t understand why people act the way they do
Why do they tease me this way
I take in their words and feel the burning sensation
Their words forming fresh wounds in my mind

Scars not visible on the outside
Impossible to miss on the inside
Cutting deeper into my mind
Painful in ways they cannot see

Tears run down my cheek when I’m alone
Drowning in salty tears
The nights too short my time alone
Dreading sunrise, another day

My secret thoughts are mine alone
I could end it all now for once and for all
Cuts on my wrist hidden from others
Constant reminders of what they have done to me

No one else can feel my pain
I grow smaller each day
Hiding in the corner
Scared of what they think

He sees me and walks towards me
Extends a hand towards me
A smile on his face
Scars on his wrist, identical to mine

I’ve found my place in this world
Safe in his arms
He feels my pain
He numbs the outside world

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