May 25, 2011
By Big-Dave143 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
Big-Dave143 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
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The whistle blows.
The other team’s ball
Carrier gets up limping
From the recent play.
Back in the huddle my
Adversary goes.
The middle linebacker calls
A play.
Hammer Strong Diesel Blitz!
He yells out.

Ready, Break!
The opposing team breaks out of the huddle
Once again.
I am already down in my stance.
The man across from me gets down
On the line of scrimmage.
I can hear him breathing heavy.

Everyone on the offensive
Line shoots their hand down
On the mud.
I build up some
Momentum to launch myself into
The offensive line when the
time comes.

The offensive tackle’s knuckles
Are pure white.
All of his weight is on his hand.
I can tell he is going to try to
Launch himself at me with all
The force he has.
I am ready.
I am ready.


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