I Am Peom

May 25, 2011
By Angelli BRONZE, Alpharetta, Georgia
Angelli BRONZE, Alpharetta, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Believe in yourself

I am lonely and I am sad.
I wonder if I can ever go back to China.
I hear my brother’s TV voice.
I see the ocean waving away.
I want to go back and stay right there.
I am lonely and I am sad.

I pretend that nothing was wrong.
I feel an airplane to China just flied by.
I touch the sky that’s so unfamiliar.
I worry if I will make any friend.
I cry for myself.
I am lonely and I am sad.

I understand I can’t change a thing.
I say I’m going to be all right.
I dream I went back to China.
I try to stop think that way.
I hope everybody would like me.
I am lonely and I am sad.

I fixed myself to be ready.
I got the courage to believe.
I did the best I can ever do.
I talked so much to fit in.
I can’t, can’t do it.
I am lonely and I am sad.

The author's comments:
When I first came to America, it was very hard for me.

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