Something About You

May 24, 2011
There's something about the way you look at me;
The smile not from your face, but your heart.
Something about the way you talk to me;
The words not from your mouth, but your soul.
The way my heart throbs out of my chest
When you tell me those words,
Every last time like the very first.
My immense need to be with someone,
But the only someone that can fill that is you.
I'm missing something,
In the place my heart should be.
But by missing something, I'm missing nothing
Because the heart that used to be mine
Is ours now to hold.
And I trust that you won't drop it;
I won't drop yours.
And if his doesn't make sense,
It doesn't have to.
Who said love had to make sense.
Who said poetry had to rhyme.
Whoever says that must have never experienced
Love like this,
Because that's the beauty of it all.
If you get anything out of this,
Let it be that I love you.

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