May 24, 2011
By irockandy SILVER, Traverse City, Michigan
irockandy SILVER, Traverse City, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
\"And in the end, it is not the years in your life that count.
It is the life in your years.\"
- Abraham Lincoln

the golden stream of honey drips onto the still-warm slice of bread
[local honey, fresh bread]

it looks like sunshine, summer, smooth as silk.
[smiles, too]
biting into it is like biting into your childhood
[memories of days long gone]
the honey smears, sticky on the corner of your mouth
[just as it always has]
you reach to wipe it off
[pause. remember the way your mother did this.]
you smile.
[you take another bite of honey, honey&toast.]

The author's comments:
Local honey and fresh bread: Two of my all-time favorite things.

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