I'm Afraid

May 21, 2011
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I have always been afraid to fall in love.
Because of what other people would say.
Because of what my parents would think.
Because of all the things it would lead to.

I’ve always been afraid to find the perfect the guy, because of my insecurities.
I’ve always been afraid to give away my heart because I knew I would never get it back.
I’ve always been afraid to kiss, because I have never done it before.
I’ve always been afraid, to have sex, because I am afraid to get pregnant.

I’ve always been afraid of you, because I knew you didn’t truly love me.
I’ve always been afraid to fight with you, because I knew one wrong move would make you disappear.
I’m afraid now that we’re not together.
Because I will never get my heart back.

I will never kiss again.
I will never have sex.
I won’t have any doubts.
Ever again.

I knew I would never fall in love again.
So I won’t be afraid of those things.

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