Until The End

May 20, 2011
I love you with all my heart
I felt it from the start
But now you have to leave
And it’s making it hard for me to breathe
You promised me everything would always be good
And that you’ll try to visit me often
But will you forget our love
Would you be so cruel as to kill it and bury it in a coffin?
You tell me all these sweet things
But never pledge your love with diamond rings
People tell me not to believe in fairytales
Because there’s no such thing as love or the Holy Grail
But I can’t agree
I guess it’s just the princess in me
And I may not be the queen to a king
But Im the princess to my prince charming
In just a little while you’ll be gone
And I will trust you won’t do me wrong
Like others before you
Who made me sad and blue
Promise me you’ll love me forever and ever
I will never say goodbye
For these tears that I cry
Won’t stop until I can find my place
Next to you again

Forever and ever until the end

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