let us show you

May 20, 2011
watch the demons dance darling,

watch as they slip behind my eyes,

caress my skin like living shadows.

feel them as they reach for you,

draw you close,

take in your scent like animals,

taste your need like sweet honey.

let them hold you a while,

take control..

sit back,



let me

and my demons

show you the darkness that comforts,

blinds comfortably,

binds easy..

fills emptiness with seductive comfort.

let us show you the softer side of darkness.

all you have ever known is the sharpness,

the blades,

the horror.

let us show you the temptation,

the softness,

the beauty.

let moonlight be your goddess,

and the worship of the god will pale in comparison while you're with her.

come play with me,

in a world of chaos

and shadowed dreams,

in a place where order is an infrequent visitor

of the lowest company.

let us soothe your sun blind eyes,

your sound abraded ears,

your light tortured skin.

and lie easy in our company

while we soothe the harshness of light

with our soft shadows.

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