We (perhaps of vampires)

May 20, 2011
kiss me until i forget that i am human,

because i hate that i am so weak,

when your strength reaches beyond time,

kiss me until i think you are,

and then bite me,


to dispel that illusion

because i hate lies.

kiss me until there is nothing left

of you, and me,

because then..

there will be no more space between us.

i will breathe for us,

because you have no breath,

my heart will beat for you,

because your heart cannot beat alone.

you can run for me,

because my feet are hurt and weary,

and you can lift me to higher places,

because i cannot fly alone.

and because you are forced to stay in shadow,

your soul radiates darkness,

and because i am forced to stay in the light,

mine only radiates light.


and yang,


and dark.


oh never.

you are the chaos in the darkest dreams of man,

and i am the chaos in their darkest fantasies..

and together we are their darkest nightmares come alive.

apart we are balanced within ourselves..

but together,

truly together,

we are chaos.





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