Friendship Fallowed

May 18, 2011
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Fragile, slumbered spirits arise when one knows where amity lies
A confidant whos connection long stays firm, bridges yet remain unburn'd
Your heart their own to leave asunder, hoping rare as death by thunder
But alas! your confidence too hard to keep and shamed shambles lies faith as you weep

Betrayed, blasfiemed and bereaved you seek the harmony no longer yours to reap
Pulled back the skin on wounds unhealed and left at length to blindly reel
Sun sets on a lifetime bore 'pon backs no longer willing to bear a'more
And the monster within shouts loudly, the murder smells a'sweet

Years wasted you go beseeching but hate claws you find reaching
Drawing bloody daggers across the heart you thought lost
Hinting, hinting, ever reminding does Heartache as it rears its vile, saddening head
Once alive, now brought under as life slips by

Hearts dampened by darkened dusk, each cold with man made rust
Friendship fallowed, forever lost finesse
One person missing from eachother's life crest
Too late the strains of forgiveness reach, for friendship has fled like the setting sun

But clashed the life you lived before with dreams so dearly wrote upon
The heart that you so freely gave, now shattered on the ground
Your back a stinging, bloodied mess and gone the friend you thought the best
To forever leave your side so cold
Not the beating of your dieing heart can begin to warm

And, if but upon wings your heart were to fly away, the pain couldn't be dulled but a mite
Ever broken, hurt and weary, you've molded to something dull and leary
Life as hopeful as cry, smothered deep benieth the surface of your life
And this pit, dug deap and jagged, seems like a shallow grave to your weakening spirit

Hark, but a silent spirit settles, like a gentle snowfall
As like soldiers coming from war, forgetting not the times of before
But alas, the sweet relief of being home once more, where hearts can soar
wounds heal'd and aches mending but on a whim

Once more your heart responds to dreams so sweetly wished upon
The times and laughs so long ago, the love and fun you used to know
One by one they return again, needing not that one special friend
And life goes on

Never again more than a passing word, drifting to and fro as on you go
Like leaves drifting from Autum's awaited departure
Spring sings on the heart once forgotten, forgotten of love and fun and happiness
At once remembering Life's sweet caress

New friends with hearts forged of gold, not leaving once routines grow old
To live and thrive once more a pleasure, no rejecter with which forced to measure
Life is sweet! and no longer does it hurt to breath!
Free to live, free to be!

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