May 18, 2011
By ThomasM BRONZE, Saint Rose, Louisiana
ThomasM BRONZE, Saint Rose, Louisiana
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When you were small,
It was the first note you hit
On white, pearly, ivory
The first drawing you made
Covered the walls with colored wax
It showed when you told that first story
Where you turned into a power ranger
And drank apple juice with the llamas
When you danced and sang with the music as
You painted your family on canvas

When you know a little more
An evident yearning shows
The feeling is stronger than ever
The thirst for knowledge is great
As you paint and draw and sculpt all day
As you write and imagine
Or you sing or play or dance till dawn
You cannot explain the obsession
Because it is simply loving dedication

Full of knowledge
Performing, teaching, showcasing professionally
Loving what you do the most right now
Your skill flourishing greatly and
Living at a highlight in your life
Teaching your children, giving them the message
And spreading the word around the world
Your dedication still strong, never faltering a bit

As you sit in the brown rocking chair
You wish you still had that passionate heart
But you still show your love
Although through the little things
They are like anecdotes of your past
That inspire us to be like you
And as you wait for the finale of life
You hum your favorite song
And as death greets you with open arms
You all waltz and sing along
Looking at painted canvas portraits of your life
through teary, weeping eyes

The author's comments:
I wrote this to try to explain my passion for the arts. I tried to show how life is in stages from birth to old age with a passion for the arts.

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