New York

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Blaring noise and flashing lights
I cant help but wish I could enjoy those nights.

Red-carpet events and fancy cars,
with all of the celebrities who hang at the bars.

Million dollar apartments with million dollar views,
and heels so high they're hardly considered shoes.

Oh how I wish I could enjoy this life,
with all the money and my own private flight.

How do I get there what do I do,
i'll just have to wait, please just give me a clue.

They say you have to grow up in a city,
but I'm the complete opposite and its such a pity.

Born in Toronto and raised in small town,
I hate it so much that I'm about to drown.

My parents are different they don't think like me,
but I'll make it someday, just wait and see.

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