My Teeth

May 23, 2011
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I was only five when I lost my first teeth

Two of my teeth were loose one night

But one for sure was coming out tonight

Either way.

I pulled at it,

twisted it, I ripped it,

But it was stuck on like super glue

Was holding on to it.

I was hoping my would come home soon to help

But in the morning I remember her saying she was going to be late.

It was around 7 o'clock when she finally came to the door.

I told how about how the tooth didn't want to come and how much hurt.

She told me to sit down and she would go get some gloves.

She grabbed the tooth and then the pain hit me like a hammer.

I pulled back really fast be she didn't let go and when I turn my head

She grabbed the second loose tooth accidently and ripped them both

I was in some much shock it didn't feel the pain hit me yet

But I did feel the blooding running down my mouth into my hand.

As nasty as it seemed I thought,

At least I will get $2 from the tooth fairy to night.

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