May 23, 2011
The night dwindled to its end
Mother unaware her lonely life would soon begin,
A family, together; soon enough.
Missing a character; soon joined.
It's been Rough;

A ruined life without committing a crime
No one knew; a few minutes would cost a life,

A family so close, living side by side.
Shared trees, grasses intertwined.
A faraway place, they only have each other.
Soon to be missing not one but two

A family asleep, all but two.
Excited to see what brothers can do;
A restless mother tosses and turns.
As the whiskey in the man’s throat works and burns.
Tranquility lies upon the siblings’ faces.
A worried mother’s
Heart paces;

The road holds the story,
A mother’s voice told the truth.
She spoke, names were screamed.
Taken from their youth;
Screeches and Disaster filled the air.
Sisters knew this; anything
But Fair;

Twisted metal, empty heart
Shouldn't of let them go from the start.
Suddenly a joyful day turned to a darker day;
“Goodbye I love you” was the last thing they got to say
All the men beg to become a survivor;
Two of life, one of forgiveness of a
Drunk driver;

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