I wish you were mine

May 23, 2011
By Jael Vaughn BRONZE, Polk, Ohio
Jael Vaughn BRONZE, Polk, Ohio
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i sit in my room constantly thinking about you
i wonder if i cross your mind a time or two
i call you my boo
and they don't know what we do
we see each other from across the room
in public i am just that girl you see
behind closed doors you mean everything to me
but why do we have to keep what we do a secret
why did you take my heart and rip it
i am her i am she i am that girl i am me
all together it makes we
but which of us do you see
i cant spend time without looking at the time
i cant call my favorite boy mine
cuz he belongs to us three
he belongs to girls that feel the same as me
he plays the game of catch and release
he stole my heart like a theif
i wonder why my eyes hold back this pain
why do us girls put up with the games
why does love make us so stupid and blind
why oh why did i wish you were mine

The author's comments:
This poem is about guys who just mess with girls feelings!

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