May 23, 2011
By ravenbrittx7 PLATINUM, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
ravenbrittx7 PLATINUM, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
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"And the day came, where the risk to remain tight in a bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ~Anais Nin~

It was bound to happen
Like a spring suppressed for far too long
This train of the unhealthy has crashed
And I crawl away from the wreckage, scarred
As you laugh and play in the ashes.

You milk your weaknesses to the point of disgust
I'm seeing you in a new kind of light
One that exposes true colors
I've finally hit the point of no return with you
Gagging on the lies you breathe like air.

A flow of crimson down your wrist
You look me straight in the eye
I was the hero before but this hero has changed
She's not gonna give you what you want:
The spotlight
You need a f***ing reality check!
Maybe when everyone leaves you in a pool of your own blood
You'll look up and see your mistakes.

I still walk with a limp
Never fully recovered from the damage that had been done
I'm the survivor, the warrior, the winner
And you remain on your pity pot,
But me...I'm real
You get by on the facade that is your world
Seeking sympathy you will never deserve.

You abuse your power as a human
The story line never adds up
I can't change you, no one can
It's clear you don't want to...
But one day Karma's gonna bite you in the a**
And you will wake up and see
You're completely alone in the aftermath.

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