May 13, 2011
By LiveLaughLuv BRONZE, Sacramento, California
LiveLaughLuv BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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To see your smile
To see your face
You keep me breathing at an unsteady pace
When you touch me I feel like I'm in space
Your hands as soft as lace
You keep me in place
Sparks fly when you look at me
Can't you see?
Can we be?
I don't care about anyone else
After not seeing you
I feel blue
Why can't get the clue?
I really like you
Is our time due
I'm stuck to you like glue
My brain running wild like a zoo
When I see you
Heat blushing threw my skin
I need to hear your voice again
To like you can be a dirty sin
Your not like tin
So hard
Not cold
You've git me sold
Your so strong and really bold
Your voice as smooth as butter
Your sound goes threw one ear and out the other
Your smell you could sell
Your voice not a choice
Your electrifying
My mind blowing
Your skin glowing get so distracted when your around
I don't even hear the loudest of sounds
We are Untitled.....

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