The Last Jump

April 26, 2011
Ten stories high
Never felt so tall
When I held your hand tight
And knew it was safe to fall.

But now I’m alone,
With no hand in sight,
All on my own,
On the roof top tonight.

I wish you could see it
I still remember your eyes
When we camped out up here
They twinkled with the stars in the skies.

And you whispered in my ear
“I dare you to jump”
But “no” I said.
I was never brave enough.

So you gripped my wrist tight
And assured I was safe with you near
“You’re mine tonight.”
Is what faded my fear.

So we leapt and we fell
I remember your words
“I’ll love you forever”
But now that’s just worse.

I miss you
And I miss our last flight.
So I’ll fall off the rooftop
All on my own tonight.

Will you be there to catch me?
Or guide my way to the gates?
I don’t know nor care,
But my true one and only awaits.

So that’s all there is as I take my last sight.
And I’ll fall from the rooftop tonight.

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