Walk Through Fire

April 26, 2011
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There is a light inside of me,
buried,buried deep
There is an uncontrolled animal inside of me
caged but not tamed

There is life inside of me,
life somewhere
Life somewhere beneath all the death

There is doom
There is a river of doom,
a river of doom that I bathe in
There is gloom
There is an aura of gloom,
an aura of gloom that wraps itself around me

There is a cold wolf
There is a cold wolf inside of me,
a cold wolf sitting on the surface
Not caged,not tamed

There is a hot ocean
A hot ocean with burning waves,
burning waves of pain

There is relief,
a moment of relief as I walk through fire
There is peace,
there is a moment of peace as I walk through cold flames
There is pain
There is pain that ends the moment of peace

There is a black hole
There is a black bird
There is a black heart
Dwelling in death and darkness

There is a black hole
A black hole sucking me in
There is a black bird
A black bird,
that carries to me the song of death
There is a black heart
A black heart growing inside of me,
hard as a rock,
cold as ice

There is a hard spine,
There is a hard spine becoming backbone
There is a weight
There is a weight that I carry
The same weight that continues to pull me down
The same weight that’s suppose to make me stronger

There is a light inside of me,
buried,buried deep
it is a craving,
it is a thirst for cleansing
the cleansing of the deep blue sea
it is a feeling that is ignored
it is a craving replaced by the burning waves of the hot ocean

The light is a thirst
So it remains buried,
while the darkness is accepted and welcomed

When there is no reason to fight
The reason for light is lost
Life is consumed by death
Light swallowed by darkness

As I walk through the fire
I am bathing in the river of doom,
wrapped in the aura of gloom
I am sinking into darkness
I am the fallen angel expelled from paradise

I have a small moment of peace,
inside my world of chaos
So I burn in the waves of the hot ocean
I walk through the cool flames

For that one moment of peace,
I walk through the fire

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lovestruck said...
Sept. 22, 2011 at 1:25 pm
i think u repeated alot but in some places it sounds really good but in some it gets slow and your just sayin the same thing over but i like the concept of this poem it is very good. i like your imagary and the way u describe the things you repeat when u repeat them. i think this is a good peice maybe cut down just a hair on the repeating and youll be fine.
youngbrokenpoet replied...
Sept. 22, 2011 at 1:34 pm
thx for the feedback I'll look it over and see what I can do about the repeating lol
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