The Person I Was

April 26, 2011
By , Cusseta, GA
I feel like im drowning in darkness.My emotions are mixed up.I can't seem to find stable ground.
This depression is taking over me.I don't know who i am anymore.Im not me.Im tired of all the lies.
Nobody knows how i feel.I feel alone,out of place,different and scared.Everyone looks at me,a thousand eyes,a thousand faces.So much space,yet no where to hide.
Im drowning in darkness,this depression is paralizing me.Im up to my neck drowning with guilt and sorrow.I can't break free of this.
Im hiding in darkness,everything seems so cold.I can't see,can't move,can't speak.A thousand eyes staring at me.I take my last breath.Im not myself.I don't know who i am.
The person i used to be is gone and hiding in darkness,hoping nobody hears the cries as the person i used to be slowly dies.

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