Limited Chains

April 26, 2011
Every word said in a limited time, tells me everything I need to know about you. You try to test your limits by any means possible, but you cannot escape the chains that bound you to a life you want to forget. The more you destroy them, the more you remember. How much can you test before the walls collapse and trap you in memories for the rest of your life. Take my hand, as I lift you from the ground. You’re shattered in pieces, the chain looks untouched. The key to freedom around your neck but you won’t take the time to let it free. You’re shattered, shaken up and alone. No time left for suffering, only wanting to be freed. I take your hands and stop the shaking. Looking up with pleading eyes. I take the key from around your neck, as you reach for mine. “Everything will be fine,” you promise me. Every word said in a limited time, tells me another reason to love you.

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