Lost dreams

May 19, 2011
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A long time ago, I dreamed many dreams.
I dreamed of a police man, beating an evil spirit.
I dreamed of a fire fighter, rescuing those in danger.
I dreamed of a President, governing his country.
I had many dreams.
I had many dreams…

As the time went on, I lost the dreams.
I lost my dream of a police man, working in danger.
I lost my dream of a fire fighter, facing the furious blaze.
I lost my dream of a President, realizing the impossible reality.
I had many dreams.
And I lost many dreams…

Presently, I have a dream.
My last one.
It is tore down and broken, but I will never lose it.
It is not in vain, not futile, not extravagant.
It is the only star on my night sky,
Dark clouds cannot conceal it.
I am running toward my only way,
And I will never stop until I reach it.

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