May 19, 2011
it comes and goes
telling us to eat
we are not only physically hungry
but emotionally
striving for the best
no regrets

feeding our hunger
is the hardest thing to do
not loving the right person
making mistakes
hurting loved ones
hurting ourselves
it kills part of our hearts
and souls
we can only move forward
glancing back
being different today than yesterday
being better tomorrow than today
trying to feed all of our needs
but its not something we can do alone
we all need support
a kind heart
a home
we are to stubborn to believe it
to see it
hear it
feel it
wanting everything we do
to just be good enough
with no help
no compassion
no hope 
its impossible
until we fall
and can no longer feed ourselves
we see it
hear it
feel it
hoping for the change
waiting for love
learning for tomorrow
striving for our better selves
figuring out
we can't go alone
we need help
we need to help
we need love
we need to give love
we cannot feed ourselves in an empty state
we can try
but it kills us
tearing us down
brick by brick
starving ourselves
until the point of collapsing
we need food
we need help
we need to know
we aren't alone

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