Sun and Moon

May 16, 2011
By shrodej267274 SILVER, Milwaukie, Oregon
shrodej267274 SILVER, Milwaukie, Oregon
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When I see your personality,
it's like another melody,
I can't explain,I can't remain,
the person who I wanna be,
the rhythm of you consumes me,

I get lost in your gazing eyes,
all your dreams now become mine,
we mesh together like paper and glue,
when will we meet? I dont know, how about you?

To feel your touch sending heat through my soul,
I can only wish that a gravitational pull,
could bring us together.
Because no matter how hard I try we always feel so distant and Ive waited for what feels like forever.

To altar fate, I wish I had that ability,
but we both know we have a responsibility,
to take care of this Earth,
like you and I gave it birth.

We welcomed it into this universe,
we'll always say their dreams come first,
and ours come last,
but we must forget about the past,
and focus on the future,
focus on the present, the now,
I dont know when and I dont know how.

They say fate will bring us apart,
racing around the track like a couple of go karts,
coming too close in contact could cause crashes,
and I would blow up and burn into ashes.

But I have to be satisfied for what Ive got,
that we are close enough together and not,
lightyears and lightyears apart,
Im close enough to feel your heart,
beating in rhythm with mine,
this is a truth so divine.

Ultimately we must support this solar system,
without us it would crumble,
and we must support this Earth,
like Mother Nature did when she gave them birth.

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