Grandfather Clocks

May 15, 2011
By emily weinstein BRONZE, Northbrook, Illinois
emily weinstein BRONZE, Northbrook, Illinois
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I will always remember
That tattered gray beard.
The way in which your teeth would meet those lips in between the hairs
Stretched across your face
Shedding a light
Onto even the darkest days.
And who could forget those Saturday afternoon journeys
To that magical place
In search of the perfect M&M
Filling our bags with future dental decay
To the brim.
Those children who always played in the wheelchair
Stalled behind your desk
Picking pennies out of your coin drawer
As their mother scolded them to stop toying with your things,
Miss you.
Especially when you would silence her
Telling her to let them be
For I was just five, and Zach only three.
You know, he looks like you
The red hair and freckles
Spread across the bridge of his nose;
It helps me keep you in mind and never forget,
Since I was so young when you had gone.
Taking away one as lovely as you,
I can't help but reminisce upon that wrinkle in time
When I had a grandfather that I once knew.

The author's comments:
My grandfather passed away in the year 2000 and he has a bench on the lake at Northwestern University. My father had taken a picture of me sitting on the bench with me holding my legs to my chest and my head resting on me knees with gray skies in the background. So I wrote this poem based off of some old memories with my grandfather before he had passed away, and the idea is that in the picture, I am thinking of all of these things.

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