Different is hard to grasp-

May 15, 2011
Different is hard to grasp-
When everything is unique,
And snowflakes cling to windows
Smiling- at a snow white reflection

Different is hard to grasp
When the goal is flawed-
And perfect, lurks in corners
Sneaking up on Innocence

When conformity taps your shoulder
And crawls in through your ear,
Telling what you should be
Melting who you Are

Different is hard to grasp
If you turn into a puddle
Transparent- permitting others to look in,
And see nothing but themselves.

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binstein.elizabeth said...
Jan. 5, 2012 at 6:52 pm
wow this poem is amazing!! i feel like i can totally relate to it because i see people all around me conforming to other people's beliefs because they aren't strong enough to keep their own! the images you used are great too!
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