The Voice of the Mirror

May 10, 2011
By Anonymous

A glossy smile on the cover of a magazine
Oh, isn’t that pretty!
Isn’t it lovely? Those eyes?
Aren’t they just lusciously
What a beautiful hollowness
So perfect in its vacancy
Inviting in nothing, saying she’s lost
Oh, isn’t she just?
Just like the girl you should be.
What a great example.
What a complete lack of life.
There’s your role model.

So now, look at that.
Ribs! You can see ribs!
How many? THREE?
Progress my friend!
That hallowed out stomach!
Those collarbones, so sharp!
Progress my dear
You’re on the right track now
See that smile? Isn’t it happy?
Oh and those eyes, half full only
How lovely.
How deliciously small.
A+ this week. Good job!
Now, let’s go see what the scale thinks.

Oh no, no, no. Tsk, tsk honey.
We are not friends with the fridge!
She is our enemy! The stained steel is deceiving!
I am the only reflection you should
Listen to!
Don’t you trust me? You should trust me.
Sacrifices need to be made and
Friends must be tossed.
The fridge is one of them.
See her square shape?
Not like my svelte figure.
Do you want to look like her?
Then listen to me.

What did they say? NO!
You are not too skinny! There is no such thing!
Holocaust victim? What are you TALKING about?
Stop talking. That’s the problem.
Just listen.
You are perfectly okay. Look at you!
Small, compacted, tiny little thing that you are
You look nearly perfect!
Just a little more dieting
Maybe a little more exercise
Burn some stubborn pounds… no problem!
Not when you’ve got me as a motivator!
And would you look at that!
Nearly empty eyes! We’re almost there!

Okay, just dab on a little more lipstick
Riiiiight there. Perfect!
Now, see how you fit into that little black dress?
The size zero? The one you called
When you first bought it?
What’s it called now?
Achievement! Exactly what I like to hear!
You’ve achieved so much in so little time
You should be proud. How was your day?
Tired in gym? What? But you’re so skinny!
Only fat people get tired in gym.
Whatever. It’s a quirk.
You’ll be fine tomorrow! Now on to snatch up some boys!

I’m your best friend? Right?
Oh! I’m your only friend too?
Why, though?
Oh, so what if your other “friends”
Think you’re too busy.
And thin? Too thin? They’re just jealous.
You know what, you don’t need them.
Why would you?
You’ve got me.
I’m all you need!
I’m the friend that makes you feel good about yourself!
And guess what? I love you too!
Especially now that your eyes are empty! 100 percent hollow.

Welcome to the club, girlfriend. Doesn’t it feel great?
To not feel anything at all?
And to weigh nothing at all?
Just like that girl on the TV
And that girl in the hospital bed…
Wow she looks a lot like you…
Wait a second, that IS you. What are you doing THERE?
You’re not sick are you?
Then what’s wrong?
What do you mean? Anorexia WHAT?
You do NOT need to eat more.
Don’t listen to that whack job. Listen to me.
I’m the only one left that understands you, remember?

Where are you going?
Why are you in that big black box?
Vampire much?
Jeez, you are pale. Some blush is drastically needed I think.
What, no sassy comments?

Hey come on, I was kidding about the blush comment.
Hey, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking to me?
Fine, I’m going then, but- wait. Why are they putting you in that hole?
Why’s everybody crying? Where are you going?
Hey don’t close that lid! She still needs to BREATHE.
Wait what did you say?
I lied to you? When? What? NO WAY! NOT TRUE!
I can’t lie. I didn’t lie. So what do you mean you’re not happy?

The author's comments:
It is an epidemic that is deceivingly obvious. You see it, but you ignore it because everybody else, including the mirror, says it is okay.

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