We're Free to Leave

May 10, 2011
By Lacie Starkjohann BRONZE, Absarokee, Montana
Lacie Starkjohann BRONZE, Absarokee, Montana
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Here we are with three weeks to go,
We wait and we wait for the big awesome show.
The time we get to be the star for the day,
As our parents keep trying to tell us to stay.
It's our time, it's finally near,
The day we can say, "Lets get the heck out of here!"
We smile and we wave to family and friends,
Look at old pictures, laugh at old trends.
As we zip up those long black gowns,
We take one last breath before we walk down.
Sitting next to me, is a classmate of mine,
Suddenly I'm hoping that we can rewind.
We swear on our lives that we definitely won't cry,
'Til we look at our mothers, wiping their eyes.
Some laughs and tears we all start to raise,
As the man in the suit starts to call out our names.
Excited, but scared we all get in line,
As we walk across that stage for one last time.
They call out the names from A to Z,
This is it, we're done, we're free to leave.

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