Horse and Rider

May 10, 2011
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They glide through the air,
clods of grass spinning and turning
the first jump approaches
looming like a giant, intimidating
to the small rider

she whispers in his ears and urges
shifting her weight forward
they rise flying flying flying
like an eagle soaring through the air
jolting into into impact as they land

twisting, checking for downed poles
all remain standing
urging faster and faster
flying flying flying
soaring together
jolting into impact as they land

muscles rippling underneath
long legs churning for more ground
rhythmic in out in out of his
breath coming out in puffs
sweat lathering, dripping
words whispered into his
swiveling ears searching for their source

the feeling of flying
churns her stomach
she fee;s like retching
but oh, how fast they
were flying together

they rise flying flying
soaring soaring through
the air
jolted into impact as
they land
the horse and rider.

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