How The World Moves

May 10, 2011
By KTCam BRONZE, Plaistow, New Hampshire
KTCam BRONZE, Plaistow, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.

There’s positivity in all of us.
Whether or not it sits on the surface
Or bundles itself down in our soul, its there.
It makes us always wish for what we want,
Knowing at the same time we’ll never get it.
It’s the heartbreak we wont admit to,
The failure we refuse to acknowledge,
That first step we always say we’ll take but never do.

We make ourselves promises we can never keep.
Hoping we can and even making an attempt
But we always disappoint ourselves.
Self-destruction runs the world;
We break ourselves until we are no longer really there.
We become ghosts of ourselves that function as us,
Look like us, but don’t breathe.
Breathing would allow us to feel.
And feeling would let loose the river of emotions
We’ve worked so hard to dam.

This itself is hell.
Trapped emotions that need to escape
But we don’t want them to.
If we smile we’d have to admit we’re happy.
If we cry we’d have to admit we were hurt.
And I just can’t do that.

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